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Our bed bug removal experts get rid of bed bugs safely and effectively using one time propane heat treatment as well as pre and post chemical applications, which are guaranteed to kill all bed bugs. This process is preferred because:
· Environmental friendly heat treatment.
· The process is odor-free and residue free.
· It quickly kills all stages of bed bugs, including eggs.
· You’ll be able to return to your home shortly after treatment is complete.
· The process takes only one day and usually only one bed bug treatment is required.

About Bed Bugs


Bed Bugs are flat red/brown insects that swell and turn bright red after having a meal of blood. Bed bugs feed on blood so they can attack you when your most vulnerable or sleeping. They can be found between the cracks and small crevices of our furniture such as mattresses, sheets, baseboards, carpet, and couches. Bed bugs are resilient insects that love to travel from room to room, and house to house using your luggage, backpacks, jackets, purses, and many other belongings as a free ride.


Bed Bugs can hitch a ride on your personal belonging from anywhere – at a friends house, hotel room, offices, your workplace, or when you set your bag down somewhere. Bed bugs are masters of hiding. Once they find a place of comfort, it may be too late by the time you find them, they will have already multiplied in different locations of your home or property. Keep a sharp eye out for any bugs around your high traffic areas of your home, bites on your arms, legs and body. Bed bugs can multiply at a very fast rate so early detection and prevention is important.


The best way to safely and surely eradicate bed bugs is to hire a licensed inspector and professional exterminator from BG Exterminator. We will suggest contacting a K.9 (Dog) inspection unit. The trained K9 unit will verify the existence of the bed bugs and their locations. Once bed bugs have been identified, we will begin stage 1 using pre-treatment of chemicals 48 hours prior to the propane heating process. This technique is used to increase the overall quality and success of the project. For The heat treatment, we will heat the space to 140 degree with circulating air and maintain the heat for three (3) hours. It will kill the eggs and any adult bed bugs hiding in the wall, furniture, carpet and etc. There will be no smell or residue after this process is completed. We also recommend second chemical application to be applied a week after heat treatment to protect against any returning bed bugs.








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